Explaining the War

I’ve been covering the war on Israel’s northern border and throughout Lebanon, as well as in Gaza, since the first attack by Hamas resulting in deaths, injuries and one soldier kidnapped. Friends, co-workers, vendors, folks in the neighborhood.The tools available on the web such as Google’s Earth and map web site have been invaluable — […]

Cross-Post Alert

Check the weather report in Israel according to the radio news broadcasts.Copyright © 2005-2006 DaShlom. All Rights Reserved. Contact the author at dashlom (at) gmail dot com for reprinting and republishing or site linking requests.

Weather Report

This is a cross-post; normally I’d be putting posts on the Middle East on my other blog, Hadofeq (“the pulse” in Hebrew).I was reminded of the children’s book “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” listening to the news on Israeli radio this morning (18ooZ). “The frequency of missile strikes seems to be on the upswing,” […]

Captured by the Media

Events are moving faster than reporting can adequately analyze, and I’ve been in full-time media feeding since Gilad Shalit was kidnapped, and his tank-mates were killed or injured.Politics are not a factor at this time. Israel’s response is not a function of Kadima, or Labor, or the Likud. I trained for ‘yom k’rav’ — a […]

Why Are There so Many Mean People?

I was perusing Yahoo’s question engine. That’s a service where users submit questions, and then people at large answer them. Stephen Hawking posed a question recently, and I answered it as best I could. Afterwards I trolled for other questions to answer. One in particular caught my eye: “Why are there some many mean people?”There […]