On Attacks, Collateral Damage and War in South Lebanon

The Dresden firestorm in World War Two killed literally tens of thousands of innocent civilians, all because they made the mistake of living in a city that had war machine factories. This was a triumph of Allied air power, and a congruence with my family’s fate at almost the exact same time in Auschwitz.

When Hezballah or Hamas miss and hit a field instead of an Israeli citizen, house, or factory, they readjust their aim and fire again. Muslim fanatics and their sycophants hand out candy to children after a successful strike at the Jewish Homeland. And then turn around and protest when Israel accidentally hits buildings next to missile launchers, which are set up specifically to shield behind civilians.

Israel is not America in World War Two, and we do not revel in the deaths of civilians, the raison d’être of the terrorists at our borders. While the deaths of civilians is deplorable, horrible in the case of children, it is Hizballah—literally “Army of God”—that is to blame for creating the conditions, and then positioning weapons, to maximize their own civilian casualties.

Of course the civilians, beholden to the generous hand of Hizballah, will anticipate the rebuilding and rehabilitation, yet again, of their country, a mea culpa they will not understand from a terror organization that cynically knows how to sow and harvest their next generation of fanatics.

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