The Status Quo (August 2020)

Trello and Focusmate are your friends, folks! Lists of things to do, and accountability at the glance of a camera. (Need to work on that tagline.)

The Shmuley Myers Novels

It’s not a series. It’s a standalone book with another standalone book and yet another standalone book. That happen one after the other.

An ultra-Orthodox Jewish Homicide detective in Austin, investigating murders alongside his GodForce partner, who investigates possible preborn murders. Yes. Dystopic. Alternative Future. Thriller. Yes, murders. Apparently no, not science fiction. Or at least, still, somewhat.

A Day at the Zoo

Complete and submitted via agent to publishers.

A Question of Allegiance

Complete and edited.

The Property of Blood

[8/20] 90% complete.

Last Run

A post-apocalyptic novel set in West Texas. Complete and edited. Ready for presentation to publishers.


Sci-fi in the sky. Aerial combat, corporate intrigue, and a complicated romance. Ready for final edits.

Unnamed Fantasy

First book of a trilogy of trilogies complete, ready for edit.

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