Weather Report

This is a cross-post; normally I’d be putting posts on the Middle East on my other blog, Hadofeq (“the pulse” in Hebrew).

I was reminded of the children’s book “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” listening to the news on Israeli radio this morning (18ooZ). “The frequency of missile strikes seems to be on the upswing,” he said. “Missiles landed in…” and he rattled off a list of twenty villages and towns. That Tiberias was hit speaks to the continued existence of longer-range bottle rockets in Hizballah’s hands.

“Residents are advised,” he continued, “to stay away from torn or down electrical lines. Also, keep away from electrical substations if they have been hit by missiles.” All delivered in calm, mid-alto tones.

“Two sailors killed have been identified,” he said earlier in the broadcast. “For the information of Sailors, seas will be fairly rough,” ended the weather report.

A postscript: in the three minutes it’s taken me to write this, two more missiles have hit Tveria. At this point reporters and witnesses alike seem more calm, reporting damage and continued ‘kor ru’ach’ — mental calm, in the target zones that were my home.