Captured by the Media

Events are moving faster than reporting can adequately analyze, and I’ve been in full-time media feeding since Gilad Shalit was kidnapped, and his tank-mates were killed or injured.

Politics are not a factor at this time. Israel’s response is not a function of Kadima, or Labor, or the Likud. I trained for ‘yom k’rav’ — a day of war — twenty years ago, and this, so far, is scarily close to what I practiced then. I knew then how it would end, and I am glad that the battle plan has been updated.

The IDF, with the missile strike in Haifa, will ‘peel back’ Lebanon’s technological state decade by decade, until the barbarians within will be left with only a barbarian’s standard of life and living. Airports, seaports, long-haul transportation have already been affected. Stand by for loss of all power, water and sewage treatment, and destruction of the transportation infrastructure.

It’s up to ‘brave’ Hizballah, funded by Iran and illegal activities in the US and run by Iran, and ‘fearless’ Hamas, funded by Iran and Arab extremists and run from Syria, to return our soldiers. Only then, perhaps, will they be able to stop cowering behind and within their own civilian populations, and parley for their lives with Israel.

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