Hannukah Applesauce

Backstory Went to the supermarket to get applesauce for my strange yet lovely levivot (latkes), but they didn’t have any cans or jars that didn’t have sugar or corn syrup or some other gluch built into them. Hannukah time is apple harvest time, so finding good apples is easy both in Israel and America. Finding […]

Hannukah Latkes a la Cajun

Backstory I have a problem. It’s part of the dark underbelly of my personality. It’s about distrust, about creativity in the face of tradition. It’s about, as my kids say, “daddy food.” Hannukah has fried food: sufganiot, levivot(latkes), and just about anything else that’s oily and can contribute to heartburn. When I was a kid, […]

Cream of Broccoli Soup

Backstory I had all these ingredients and a soup sounded just peachy. I don’t usually splash around in the “cream of…” puddle, but I _did_ have this quart of half-and-half, so I mixed it in. Sadness. Tragedy. Lactose intolerance. So I froze most of it and brought it to work. A co-worker liked it so […]

Victoria’s Salsa Verde (TacoDeli’s Dona Sauce)

Backstory I’d found this wonderful creamy sauce in Austin’s TacoDeli, at the East end of Barton Skyway. Very powerful day one, it ages quickly and takes on brain-melting properties after just a few days. Yummmm… They (obviously) wouldn’t give out the recipe, but I serendipitously found it when visiting friends in El Paso who had […]