When Bullshit Calls Journalists Listen: Iranian Superweapons

Journalists are wimps.

Iran, the country that doesn’t have the spare parts to keep its thirty year old aircraft in the air, has superweapons! Missiles that can’t be tracked, can avoid radar, yet are MIRVed. Torpedoes that fly underwater at over 200MPH, also sonar-evading. Read about it in any major media outlet!

While Teheran has ‘created’ its own fighters, tanks, missiles and other weaponry, the reality is that they have adapted (read repainted for the most part) North Korean technology. Guns for oil… just like Kuwait, Saudia Arabia and now Iraq.

Just a few weeks ago the papers broke the story about how Saddam Hussein had kept the fiction of weapons of mass destruction alive not for the ears of warmongering Bush klansmen, but for his own people, to keep them in fear of what he’d done to the Kurds.

And now the mass media is doing it again, with silence, with acceptance, instead of with jeers. The country that can’t support keep its own planes in the air, the country where millions of its citizens in mud brick houses, a country that hasn’t had an original thought since the corrupt Shah was ousted, a country that looks to North Korea for even slight technological achievement, is assumed to have leapfrogged all the advanced technology research centers of the world?

Reporting this idiotic pap, in this way, plays right into Bush administration hands that would rather ratchet up the fear, for internal political purposes, than portray Iran as the pathetic hotbed for suicidal radicals that is really is.

So what if this is a real threat? Where’ the news media analysis to support that? How do we assess such developments? From Karen Hughes’ situation room? From Rumsfeld’s office? From unnamed sources in the Bush administration? Me, I’d rather hear an analysis by a report who has spoken to real rocket scientists, or to non-factional experts in the field. Instead we hear translated half-quotes from Iranian television and their military press office releases.

Journalism isn’t just about the scoop interview or the ‘first to the presses.’ It is about analysis of the data, the credibility of the source and the ‘big picture.’ Even if embedded reporting is sexier. Try harder, folks, try harder!

[A side note: In preparing this blog entry I researched over one hundred separate articles. The vast majority, as you can read through these links, all hark back to the same AP piece written by Ali Akbar Dareini, their Iranian reporter. They were retouched or lightly edited for the end news outlet. Perhaps there aren’t anywhere near as many journalists as we think…]