No Mysteries

Hamas says it won’t arrest militants who attack Israel
Incoming Palestinian interior minister Said Seyam: Hamas will try to coordinate militants’ operations.

Okay, let’s string these together:

  1. Hamas, an organization with an avowed goal to destroy Israel, is now in power.
  2. The PA considers itself an entity akin to a country (i.e., representation on UN, power to make international agreements, consular or diplomatic-esque representation in national capitals around the globe).
  3. They will not only allow, but coordinate militant operations, violating treaties with Israel signed by the previous government.

I believe we’re talking casus belli for Israel to attack the PA.

At the time of this writing there are over a dozen specific terror threats regarding suicide and other bombings or terrorist attacks against Israel, as it prepares to elect a new leadership. The ability for these terror cells to coordinate their activities will surely result in additional civilian casualties.

I can’t think of another country that would permit this kind of activity on its porous borders without eliminating the cause of the threat.

Of course, none of this involves oil, and it does involve Jews, so the United States will stay away from this on the grounds of the former point, and the rest of the world for the latter.

I realize this post doesn’t illuminate mysteries, but it shows how strong terror has become, how weak and unsupported Israel has become, and how indifferent to the situation the world has grown to be.

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