Solution to the Gay Pride Day Parade in Jerusalem: Curfew!

In the 1950’s a rapist sowed fear and terror in the streets of Tel Aviv. Panicked citizens demanded government action, and a curfew on women after dark was seen as a reasonable action. Golda Meyer’s response: put a curfew on the men: they’re the ones doing the raping!

It’s clear the UltraOrthodox are not capable of restraining themselves and behaving like law-abiding citizens.

And the police? They’re talking about route changes for the parade. If the Palestinians were doing the rock throwing and garbage burning there’d be dozens of fatalities by now, and Mea She’arim would be under a curfew, with Border Police patroling every nook and cranny.

If a decision needs to be made as to which citizens should be able to exercise their rights to freedom of assembly and speech, the Gay Pride Parade wins hands-down. Start a curfew now on all UltraOrthodox Jews in Jerusalem, and keep it in place until after candle lighting on Friday night. They’re easy to spot. If they show up for the parade and are legitimate in their protests, great! If not, toss ’em in the clink; see if they like spending “shabbos” in jail, treated no better and no worse than the rest of the miscreants de joir.

I guess they prefer Pulsa De’Nura to Dina D’malchute Dina. Busha Ve’cherpa on them, creating Mar’at Ayin on the whole of the Jewish People, people from whom they work so hard to distance themselves.

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