Sin’at Hinam (Hate Over Nothing)

The ultra-Orthodox won’t help Agunot with relief against husband’s that won’t divorce them, even if it involves insane government expenditures and actions. But they’re more than happy to order their blind faithful into the street to protest a gay rights parade. On one hand they tell them to protest peacefully, at the same time whipping up their fury while decrying their inability too keep said faithful from carrying out acts of violence. And then, just to make sure the pot is well stirred, they announce an official ‘death curse’ (Pulse De’Nura, or whips of fire) against the gay pride day organizers.

Yes, there are rational voices speaking in calm tones, even hopeful ones. But it’s the lunatic fringe, as always, that carries the day in Israeli politics and in how the world perceives us.

In a time where achdut and shalvah should be the tone, to bring together even segments of society that have little or nothing in common, for the good of the nation, our religious intolerants have little to add other than fuel to a fire already burning too brightly. The spider webs of hate have no Temple to which to attach; the strands wrap around each community, each philosophy, and will consume each and every one unless we learn to better clear our minds and our hearts.

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