Palin’s America: A Nation of Small People

There are different forms of evil. My post earlier today, in the form of official misinformation, was one. The picture to your left is another, more primitive one.

Sarah Palin talks the “pro-America parts of the country.” Her America (although her quote sources say a lot about her pedigree) is far different from mine. The problem with her rhetoric is that it spawns the kind of Balkan ‘stanism’ creating the splits we’ve worked for decades to heal. And in tearing at our nation’s scars, she, and the other fanatics of the right, are weakening the entire body politic, at a time it needs unity, not divisiveness.
Here’s another example of race and allegience in the radical Republican mind. Check out the image to the left, and then please click on the image to visit Cagle’s site and read the full story.
It’s been a disturbing day in terms of news. AndI hope, unfortunately, it disturbs you at least as much.