I Have Been Blessed to See This Day Come

It’s a peculiarly Jewish custom to recite a blessing when encountering an incredible moment in one’s personal history. We have a blessing on seeing rainbows, awesome sights, and living to see yet another year’s holidays.

Today is a day of blessing. Blessing that we have seen the defeat of racism by truth. The defeat of fear and hate by trust and hope. Like coming upon a bridge over the Grand Canyon, ringed by double arcs of rainbows, this is a day for the United States to see a way through the darkness and weakness that have cloaked our country for the last many years.
Baruch Ata Adonai, Eloheinu Melech Ha’olam, asher kiddishanu ve’ki’imanu ve’higi’anu laz’man hazeh.
Blessed are you our master, god and king of the world, who has blessed us, sustained us and brought us to these times.