The Status Quo (mid-July 2018)

I’ve got several irons in the fire. Okay, too many irons in the fire. I’ve got Trello boards filled with lists and items and their checklists. Among them: Write novels and short stories, edit mine and take critiques on my work while providing for fellow writers. Also budget, marketing planning, wrangle social media, keep web site up-to-date (the latter two need to meet with the marketeer the former). Oh, and socialize, work, pay bills. Pfiffle. But the priorities are simple:

  1. Get A Day at the Zoo (“AD@tZ”) in front of an agent and from there get it accepted for publication.
  2. Get the next novel and the next teed up so when (not if) an agent passes on one Great Work of Literature I’ve got little plans B, C, and D under my (not red-and-white-striped hat).
  3. Get marketing and publishing of Last Run going so I can focus on #1 and #2.
  4. Make this web site, um, suck less. (Hard to do: I’ve done the home tour of authors I admire. Ugh.)
  5. Edit the rest.


The Shmuley Myers Novels

It’s not a series. It’s a standalone book with another standalone book and yet another standalone book. That happen one after the other.

An ultraorthodox Jewish Homicide detective in Austin, investigating murders along side his GodForce partner, who investigates possible preborn (fetal) murders. Yes. Dystopic. Alternative Future. Thriller. Yes, murders. Apparently no, not science fiction.

A Day at the Zoo

A Shmuley Myers Novel

A Day at the Zoo
106% Complete
85,000 of 80,000 words
Shmuley and his partner Jethro try and catch a killer who's quickly spiraling into mass murder, while Shmuley tries to keep his family—and way of life—safe.

85k, final edit complete (until the next one, but we know how it goes). Currently querying agents. Full gamut of beta readers blessing the religion, cops, and Austin (un)reality.

A Question of Allegiance

A Shmuley Myers Novel

A Question of Allegiance
125% Complete
100,000 of 80,000 words
Shmuley's juggling family, community, the law, and his own loyalties in this fast-moving story of life in a dystopic America.

100k, draft complete. First edit in progress.

Ken Yirbu (So They Shall Multiply)

A Shmuley Myers Novel

Ken Yirbu
28% Complete
22,000 of 80,000 words
Shmuley battles an increasingly unstable underground, and the consequences of past actions, to safeguard his community from food riots, blood libels, and murder while navigating the Passover/Easter holidays and the violence they foment.

20k of 80k-100k, outlined. First draft in progress.

A Weft Story

Last Run

A Weft Story

Last Run
147% Complete
176,000 of 120,000 words
A novel about a group from a small town in Texas on a quest after The Unraveling of the American system of life.

I’m getting a business proposal together for Indie-publishing this work. It’s too large for a traditional publisher, but readers really like it. Of course, editing 765 pages when you’re writing other novels is a challenge. But hey: coffee!

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