WIP Screen

Just a quick upload before Yom Kippur. My protagonist is an ultra-Orthodox (Misnaged) homicide detective. It’s fun to weave the Yiddishized syntax along with Yiddish into the manuscript. I’ve ranted against Scrivener for years, but I don’t have the time to write something better. It’s mostly flaws with some good features, but not intuitive enough […]

Critiquing and Paper Cuts

I’m lucky to live in a city where there are overlapping supporting circles of writers in every possible genre. I’m involved in a few writing groups, including an invite-only one, the venerable and awesome Slug Tribe (that just got a great write-up in the Austin Chronicle), as well as occasionally hitting a Meet-Up group every […]

Writing and Fancy Keyboards

I splurged yesterday and got myself a gaming keyboard. Not that I game, mind you, but I miss the clickety-clack of keys, and the Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard that I use at home is a pain in the tush to lug around to coffee shops all the time. So I went a bit wild, and ended up […]

And… back early in town

My field research trip for my current novel made it as far as Big Spring — and barely, at that. Dunno what I picked up, but it was an arduous, stop-filled trip. And after a terrible night in a great hotel, I drove back to Austin rather than head out for the more adventurous destinations: the […]