WIP Screen

Screen shot of WIP named AngelsJust a quick upload before Yom Kippur. My protagonist is an ultra-Orthodox (Misnaged) homicide detective. It’s fun to weave the Yiddishized syntax along with Yiddish into the manuscript.

I’ve ranted against Scrivener for years, but I don’t have the time to write something better. It’s mostly flaws with some good features, but not intuitive enough for me to figure everything out without asking someone or {shudder} reading the documentation. At any rate, this is my “perfect” layout for writing on a nice, wide screen.

What you’re not seeing is the second screen, where lurk my browser tabs, music, and network security tools. But they’re very much ancillary to the actual writing.

May my family and Jewish friends have an easy fast, a great breaking of fast, and a year of growth and happiness.