WWI: A Century’s Past / Veterans Day

World War I was hideously expensive and wasteful in terms of talent. A generation of young people, of talent, of possibility–gone. The hope and potential of growing their lives and cultures mowed down, gassed, and slaughtered. And that lost of hope and potential kept the survivors from the social buoying that youth inevitably bring to […]

Why Charlottesville 2017 is not Berlin 1933

This is my professional blog. I had non-professional blogs once; Facebook takes care of that need now. I do a lot of tongue-biting when something happens in the world and I’ve got this (rather unbully) pulpit from which to vent. However this is a topic that should appear everywhere, in every possible setting, for discussion […]


I have a character in the short story ShutEye who gives her life for a love she knows she can never have, because it’s the right thing for the greater good. There’s a character in Best Shot (being shopped) who will do anything to get the right photo. These characters are trivial, flickering shadows in comparison […]

Nazi Anything

Sometimes writing takes a back seat, as it should, to reality. We spend a lot of time, in this Trumpian, Facebookish era, endlessly macerating previous texts, quotes, and media. It’s easier, it’s true, to quote others than to write one’s own clever words. Of course, some folks’ clever words will stand for ages: People shouldn’t be afraid […]

On Language, Lies, and Reality

The British voters supported the referendum proposal to leave the EU. Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty (which describes the exit process, as as 261 words can) requires that the constitutionally represented leadership call for the cancellation of the treaty. Oops. Britain does not have a constitution. Does Cameron press the button? His party leadership? The Queen? In […]

Deserters, Traitors and Captives

The US wrangled the release of Bowe Bergdahl, a US Army soldier. Handily it also got rid of five Taliban folks who’ve been out of circulation for 13 years, and had nothing to do with the Afghan war. (I’m not saying they’re not bloody murderers, its just that we haven’t been able to convict them, deport […]

The Innocence Slice

The TSA uses insane ideas that “everyone” is randomly searched unless they’re in some kind of list, or matches a list of some time. Let’s be blunt: If you’re from North Korea, Iran, Syria, or one of several other nations, stripping you and your belonging down to their bare minimum makes perfect sense. These people […]