The Innocence Slice

The TSA uses insane ideas that “everyone” is randomly searched unless they’re in some kind of list, or matches a list of some time.

Let’s be blunt: If you’re from North Korea, Iran, Syria, or one of several other nations, stripping you and your belonging down to their bare minimum makes perfect sense. These people aren’t US citizens, but so what? They’re from countries at specific and definite antagonism to the United Dates. X-rays, MRIs, microwaves scatter scans… physical groping and palpitation… these are all entirely correct in regards to such travelers.

Someone from Israel or  South Korea wants to pass the pass a barrier? Kewl! Prove your movement doesn’t involve movement of materials or even suggestions of matters that might be detrimental to their parent countries. Anything else is free to flense, manipulate, or analyze.

I’m on the list. Oh yes, sure, not on a list. “Harif” doesn’t match anything the TSA is searching.for. But I’ve had a 73% “random search” rate. Yeah. Random. “Harif” is a Hebrew name. I’m not bothered by ‘Harif’ being conflated with Arabic names.  I stand in solidarity with them. Because being pointed out is a symptom of “excessive caution.”

But the Harifs of today are the Lopez’s of tomorrow. And just because there’s a Semitic slant to a name doesthat mean we must “worry” about the name holder?

In this very myopic post, I suggest we always err on the side of humans, and not on the wacky idea that terrorists might use an “obvious” name to enter the country.