Confusing Left Wing and Competence

I. Am. Boggled.An Israeli, a politician, the Defence Minister, saying he didn’t know about the Hizbollah missile threat? How stupid is that? It’s not as if terrorists hadn’t fired Katyusha rockets into Israel before. Or paraded them around Lebanon, complete with marching martyrs. Or shown off their longer-range weapons. Even mustered out reservists like me […]

Who Signs a UN Ceasefire?

Israel and Lebanon seem to agree fighting should be replaced by a ceasefire. One that does not meet any of Israel’s rolling stated goals: unconditional release of kidnapped soldiers and the destruction of Hizballah and it’s remaining stores of rockets.Here’s the next scenario: Lebanon and Israeli sign the ceasefire, the Security Council is happy, and […]

Limp-Wristed Leadership

I’d previously posted on what I thought Israel’s military game plan would be. Strike hard, decisively, and continue to drill down until it hurt Hizbollah enough to cough up its captives and retreat.What I didn’t account for was the Bush Effect, and at this stage, I can’t support the continued Israeli military operation.When sub-Bush took […]

Two Views, One Picture

My spouse and I have passionate views, and, like many areas, we’re not on the same page on the future of this latest Lebanese war. (Of course, it’s not against the Lebanese, it’s against whomever’s last taken over the country, but that’s another story.)Richard Bartholomew has yet again captured the real essence of the war. […]