Confusing Left Wing and Competence

I. Am. Boggled.

An Israeli, a politician, the Defence Minister, saying he didn’t know about the Hizbollah missile threat? How stupid is that? It’s not as if terrorists hadn’t fired Katyusha rockets into Israel before. Or paraded them around Lebanon, complete with marching martyrs. Or shown off their longer-range weapons. Even mustered out reservists like me knew about them. What did he expect? That Hizbollah would launch batalions of regular soldiers over the border?

Israel’s relationship with Lebanon goes back over eighty years. It’s a relationship that Israel has continually had to redefine and rejudge.

For Peretz to say he had no idea that the Hizbollah rocket threat was on the map is so absurd as to call into basic question not only his competence to hold office, but to question whether the Kadima party, decapitated with Sharon’s (all but) demise, should be allowed to continue.

I would rather a right wing party of rationalists than the current leadership of visionless, impotent functionaries. And this from an ardent left-winger!

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