ROTFLOLing and memetics

Just a quick pointer to a blog I posted about language changes being decried by American linguists. Where we used to have words change flavor and meaning, such as “Gay” going from happy to queer (which used to mean odd), we now are integrating shocking, non-mellifluous acronyms like YMMV instead of the good old, red-blooded […]

Languaged stetted, ASAP?

There have been some pieces in the news lately about the crossover of IM and text message ‘speak’ into English. The cries of purists are amusing (kind of like the minority Canadian Quebequa wanting all signs in their province in French), especially since English is the original bastard language; just ask anyone who grew up […]

Abbas: A Puppet Strangling on its String

Democracy relentlessly marches on. The power of the presidency is rightfully diminished, and the parlimentary system of multiple parties creating a sole or coalition rule waxes in a country least suited to almost any kind of rule except by the fist, stone, or gun.Democracy is twelve years too late. Had both Israel and the Arafat […]

H5N1 to 0

I think it’s clear that the H5N1 “bird flu” is coming and is, in fact, here to stay. It’s longevity and continuing spread remind me of the West Nile Virus more than a seasonal influenza.While I am sure that the avian kingdom is in no danger, and that this is not the dinosaur die-off of […]

Now I’m Confused…

Inflamatory cartoons have sent the Muslim world into a tizzy, if not frenzy. Non-Muslims insulting the Prophet Mohammed is seen as a horrible, terrible thing.So what’s with the suicide bombers killing fellow Muslims in mosques, on holy days? Where’s the anger? Where’s the lashing out against terror? Where are these imams with their folders filled […]

Cartoonish Behavior

Yah, it’s offensive, blah, blah, blah. There’s almost too much media reaction to the original offense — except for the insane response by legions of enraged primitives. Thanks, Richard, for use of the cartoon.Muslims are as wise, and dumb, as good and as bad as any other religion. Islamic rule has been tolerant, has fostered […]

Buy Danish!

The most memorable things I’ve bought from Danes are pork ribs and Lego(tm). I’m sure there are many other things, but it is vitally important that we support a country that supports free press.The Arab “street” has shown its true ability to understand free society and free press with their instinctive and LCD reaction to […]

Blugging a Great Tool

Blugging being Blog plugging. Better than bluckstering (from huckster).Anyway, pbwiki is a fantastic tool. I use it in a variety of ways: It’s the repository for my multi-novel, screenplay and short story universe. It includes a handy encyclopedia and translating dictionary, as I had to invent a language along the way. I use it to […]