Buy Danish!

The most memorable things I’ve bought from Danes are pork ribs and Lego(tm). I’m sure there are many other things, but it is vitally important that we support a country that supports free press.

The Arab “street” has shown its true ability to understand free society and free press with their instinctive and LCD reaction to the cartoons printed in Denmark, and reprinted in other papers: The press = the government = the people.

So… Because some cartoonists have odd tastes in cartoons (I personally agree that the Prophet Mohammed with a bomb on his turban and a phrase from the Koran in it is tres gouche!), and some papers have a confrontational way to respond to complaints, the freedom of press is no reason to boycott all the goods of the entire country.

So show your support for free press, and help a country that suddenly is in need of free trade: buy Danish, and buy the cost of freedom!

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