Writing, Self-Distractions, and Real Work

I’ve got about 30 things on my publishing and writing to-do lists, and here I am creating a plugin for WordPress. I know I’m distractable when there are tons of things on my list, but thrashing isn’t a way to get them done. One by one, according to priority. While I’ve got a whole other to-do list on coming up with a great solution for that, I decided I need to “treat” myself to new creativity between bouts of writing, editing, or chores. So this afternoon is dedicated to the plugin, which I’ll showcase here first before putting into the WordPress plugin library.

Goals for today:

  • Most of my home honey-do list;
  • Edit Coming of Age chapter one and submit to two online sites;
  • Come up with covers for the remaining short stories and get Consent and Sabbath Queen up on my shop; and
  • Get my existing published works up on SmashWords.

And no gaming or drifting until that’s all done.