Talk is cheap; as is the speaker

Robertson has an admirable record of stuffing his foot so deep in his mouth he needs a proctologist to remove it. This latest bleating from the man who believes the kind thing to do is convert all those silly Jews to save them from Hell is unsurprising.

What will be equally unsurprising to me is if Israel retracts its withdrawal of support from the Christian missional — sorry, tourism — center in the Galil. There aren’t enough crazy Messianics running around up there, or mystics, so we gotta import more. Especially if someone waves money in front our country’s corrupt and kleptocratic government.

Robertson has proved he believes in his own divine providence. It’s up to the sane people to reject the man, and not his idiotic utterances. If other Christian fundamentalists want to help Israel out, let them restrain the evil they have wrought on Jews worldwide with their Southern Baptist-supported Messianic “Jewish” movement. AKA screw with ignorant peoples’ heads. That would be a real mitzvah, a real step towards fostering Jewish-Christian understanding. It’s called a cessation of hostilities.

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