So Many Crises, So Little Brain Power

It’s been a while. Wars in the Middle East. Political idiocy and upheaval in the States. A regime change for Thailand, one coming up for Cuba and England. North Korea either blew up a lot of dynamite or has joined the atomic club, which is not a good thing for Planet Earth.

But these are all trivial. The real story is Darfur. This is where global rubber meets the road. This is where all can see how nations of the world work when there isn’t a question of what’s going on, or who is at fault. Where there are no Jews to blame: it’s Muslim on Muslim rape, torture, murder and genocide. It’s at the rate of a child, a family, a town.

As a global community we are failing the test. I predict that Rammadan, and the ‘Eid Feast that concludes it, will be no different than the months before: innocent die, governments watch and the evil continue to do their work. And we can’t expect better outcomes for Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza Strip, or even the US Congress if we, as individuals and as nations, don’t stand up and do the right thing. Stop. The. Genocide.