Scotland the Brave

Full Disclosure: I think an independent Scotland would be WAY cool.

Sane disclosure:

I think an independent Scotland is a _great_ idea. Except for the whole “we’ve been together for centuries and splitting things would be horrible.” As a very liberal Israeli, I’m very much appreciative of the Labor and leftist parties. Didn’t work.

  • A Scottish state would reduce England’s power to calm the world. In other words, all the economic, ideological and practical pressure that Great Britain has used to keep things calm will disappear.
  • I’m Israeli. While I _love_ and greatly appreciate Scottish history and culture, the disruptive and false Palestinian discourse seems to have a traction in Scotland. As an Israeli-American, I have a problem with that.
  • Edinburgh is wonderful and magical. Having to wrestle between Scottish culture and society and an independent country with notes of Scandinavian and “pure” Independent philosophy.

I’m with the “keep Scotland in the UK.” Here’s why:

  1. It gives Scots more power on the world stage.
  2. It given Scots a greater ability to push the Liberal agenda in Great Britain”
  3. I will buy Scottish Whiskey no matter what.
  4. Scottish culture and tourism has nothing but gain in keeping an allegiance with Britain.

Good luck, folks!