Random Artillery, Missile Strikes

First off, condolences to the family many of whose members were killed when an errant Israeli artillery shell hit a house in Beit Hanun. Innocent civilians should never be fired upon, and those firing should take every step to prevent such tragedies.

Of course, that would be a great statement had the terrorists running Gaza been holding to it. But they’re not. The only reason they’re not killing entire families of Israeli civilians is that they’re missing their targets with their entirely unguided missiles, whose sole purpose is to cause the kind of mayhem on purpose that the IDF caused in this latest, tragic, accident.

When I served in Ramallah a pair of terrorists took the opportunity, when a primary school let out, to take shots at me and my partner from behind the kids. These “freedom fighters” were counting either on our not firing back because our morals would deter endangering children, or firing at them, therefore possibly creating unsuspecting martyrs. Nice folks: we ducked and waited; they couldn’t outrun our radios.

Terrorists firing missiles from civilian areas, at civilian areas. These terrorists claim to control their civilian areas, and are therefore responsible for those civilians. Or would be, in any civilized (and I most certainly am including Islamic) country. With their total abdication of their responsibility for even their own civilians’ lives, damning Israel for their tragic mistakes when attempting to safeguard its country is political flimflammery.

If Hamas wants to stop Israeli incursions, Israeli artillery fire, and Palestinian deaths, they must stop firing rockets. It’s really that simple — although I’m sure that Hamas has already made that calculation, and would much rather bury its own citizens, deprived on purpose of any protection, than stop fufilling their genocidal charter. After all, there are always more shahidim.

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