Palin Revisionism

I edited my previous post, “The Palin Paradox,” after seeing that (a) I was getting a lot of hits from a right-wing blog called “Eagle Forum Alaska,” and (b) said blog pulled their post. That post championed Governor Palin’s embracing abstinence-only education. My comment (now redacted because of the broken link) pointed out that Governor Palin wholeheartedly embraced the Bush policies on not teaching any sex education other than not having any (my definition, not theirs).

We all know the best way to do quiet people is through denial, right? C’mon, stand up for your values! The Big Lie won’t work, since the Eagle’s posting data is found in many other places. And the Big Distraction didn’t work, as Gustav fizzled out.

The brave thing to do, the moral thing to do, is to honestly champion what you, and your governor, believe in. So put the page back up, where we can all read it!