On Priorities and Possibilities

Reading about authors with hundreds of short stories, a dozen novels. Knowing Jay Lake and his writing urge despite dire circumstances. I burn my creative candle on both ends: day work and client work, both in development. Writing, even poetry, gets such short shrift it might as well not be part of my gig.

Writing used to be a habit. Habits are actions we fall back upon during stressful or busy times. My mind fulminates with ideas for poems, stories, development ideas (software) and patents. I can’t possibly do any of them with my current load.

Now that I’m ~stably employed, it’s time for me to rethink to where my ship heads: land of opportunity or creativity. I’ve neglected the latter, but it’s part of why I left management, and it’s what turns my crank. I have a history of depriving myself in the name of self-sabotage. (Kinky, I know.) This is looking like a case of that. Time to change it.