Jews: Tell the Government Who You Are

I’m the child of Holocaust survivors. One of my closest family friends is dying (at 95), and my mother, an Auschwitz survivor, is in a sessile state with Alzheimer’s. That leaves me as the “elder generation” person. Which freaks this 54-year-old out. If I found a true “SS” member I’d kill him: only he’d be 90+ years old, so what’s the point:

I learned a lot about the concentric levels of evil, where “governments” pulled the noose tighter and tighter.

The Russians decided to use the bogey monster of “the Jews are selected” in their latest Psy Ops against the Ukraine.

Don’t get me wrong: I’d dance at the party to burn all the Ukraine SS that not only cheerfully joined the Nazis but performed all manner of independent cruelties while their victims were alive. But the Ukrainians of today ARE NOT the Ukrainians of WW II. And Putin, dictator of Russia, is making cynical use of that trope. And in that we are reminded not to jump to action, but to guard the memory of all those Ukrainians who did NOT Participate. All those Ukrainians who are more interested in the hatred and nonsense of

We are NOT the Jews of 1939. We are the Jews of the new century. We are the Jews of Now. The Jews of Understanding. Passover is the holiday Putin’s evil minions and absurd statement attempt to cover. And we are the Jews of We Will Not Bow.

My Ukrainian tribe-mates use Twitter and Facebook and all manner of social media. They stood at the barricades in Kiev and stand with the idea that the people, not the corrupt kleptocrats of the Ukraine and the rulers of Russia, . We, as they say “are not amused.”

It will take more than trying to pit Ukrainian against Ukrainian. Putin’s going to do it the hard way.

And the Jews of the World, despite all the time we’re spending on “running the global markets,” are just trying to stay alive.

But if you _really_ want to be honorable, and have guts, please, oh please, show yourself. American and non-psychotic countries would be happy to relieve you of your burden of life.