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Censoring Gutenberg

While I’m sure that WordPress’ new post editing mechanism is a cool, slick, thing, it’s enough of a jump from the old way that I’ve heard several authors complain. Which is stupid. And that one needs to download (yet another)…

Miscellaneous Blog Post Day

Keeping Things Updated I was chatting with a cover artist today and after giving him my web site URL he asked me how my novel “Last Run” was coming along, since it showed I was 22% complete. Hmmm… old news.…


Small steps on the web site. QOTD has been a feature of Linux since the beginning, as it was for the Internet since… well, since a long while back. There are many “here’s a quote on topic “blah,” but I’ve found Quote of the Day — — has a great selection. That’s great, but what about content from your own site? I’ll have a new plugin, ‘content-tapas’ available later this week, but it’s been crunching on my web site for a few months already. More on it when it goes live. I have several changes to my web site that I want to repackage as plugins. So stay tuned!