Stupid People with Top Hats

One of the most irritating things about President-Elect Obama’s win is the number of entirely insane people with whom I must interact or read about.

Whacko nutjobs in Kenntucky (is anyone keeping track of their sanity, let alone literacy, statistics) planned on killing multiple minorities, capping things off by driving at Senator Obama dressed in tuxedos and top hats, firing fully automatic weapons. These 18 and 20-year old folks would be total idiots in my book — except they had access to the requisite weapons and had made plans. (Can anyone say: “neuter the idiots so they don’t breed?”)
A friend of mine talked about “cowboys” snatching white sheets off the shelves of local department stores. We’re here in Central Texas, see: land of the semi-rational and home of the ‘do what you want so long as we can’t bust you’ brigade.
Same friend talks about how terrible it’ll be “when” Obama gets shot.
I don’t know how to push love, trust and calm out past folks like this, but if we don’t, the Secret Service will certainly be chasing a legion of village idiots before things calm down. And acting uber-paranoid with the President Elect until we get all the easy nut jobs out of the way.
This friend — and a few others with similar views, talk about the race war and terror that would follow Obama’s assassination (g-d forbid!).
My question is this: is their fear, their hatred, their small-minded vision so pervasive so powerful that the next President of the United States  must worry about these lunatics? Or can be take a deep breath, concentrate on the realities of global warming, magnetoshphereic dissipation, and drive these false dybbuks of our generation aside long enough for truth to ring free?
I’d like to think we can rise above these idocies. But the Cheney/Bush regime┬áhas created early warning monsters that we would ignore at our own peril.