A Cowards’ Revenge for a Cowards’ Attack

JPost fans, stand fast. This is critical of your power base.

Israel, yet again, has screwed up. We have shown that we are willing to count innocent Palestinian dead as more important than Israelis.

Sure, the women and children that died in the last 12 hours were innocent, victims of artilllery shells that would have better served in hitting farther inland. But they didn’t, and their relatives’ nightmares, and mine, will reflect that horrific, tragic loss.

When Israelis die, there’s a flurry of candy distribution on the Gaza street. Yesterday, there was sorrow.

Their celebration is ignored; their sorrow is a cause for our reflection.

Whenever innocents are lost, on either side, it is a time for sorrow and mourning.

Israel would do well to mourn with their Palestinian enemies, just as it would mourn the loss of a family brutally cut own by a Passover bomber who devestated a family during their holiday celebration. And then turn back, with tears and resolution both writ large upon their faces, to cut out the cancer of terrorism from the face of the grieving, Palestinian face.

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