On Perpetrators and Puzzlement

We’ve all seen a puzzled neighbor or family member interviewed after some horrific killing or act saying “I don’t get it; he was the nicest guy. Never a problem.” “Yeah,” I’d snort to myself, “I’d have seen something.” Nah. I went to a liberal Orthodox Jewish school (an oxymoron today) back in Riverdale. Or, as […]

Perversions and Perverts

The perversions of Amerikans frustrates me. Today there was a story on CNN (see link) referring to a “swinger” group that coerced children into having sex.Rampant sexuality scares people; definitions are definitely in order!Swinging is between consenting adults. Pedophilia is adults on children.Swinging involves consenting adults. Children, by definition, cannot consent.Swinging is between singles and […]