Words and Transoms

I have nothing against Kim Harrison. She’s a successful author who balances a myriad of internal emotional states in a chaotic (to say the least) universe of her creation. It has the same there’s-no-time, I’ll-kick-my-way-out-of-this, gee-magic-comes-to-me just-as-I-need-it. I just bought the first three books of her series, and Friday’s payday, so that’s where the money’s […]

“You’re a parasite!”

A frequently used example for mutualism is the aphid/ant pairing, whereby ants protect aphids, which in turn are “milked” for their sweet… Juice? Milk? Ooze? (Excrement, actually.) Another symbiotic relationship are leafcutter ants ‘farming’ a fungus that feeds off their leaves, which are toxic to the ants when ‘raw.’ By definition mutualism/symbiosis benefit both parties. […]