The Golden Compass Can’t Find North

As a firm disbeliever in anything dogmatic, and one who rarely takes things “on faith,” I initially snorted at the Catholic League’s well-reasoned denouncement of The Golden Compass. (Okay, the trailer, with a sinuous Nicole Kidman and very impressive graphics also more than held my interest.)I read the first book, then saw the movie. Then […]

Teheran Victory and NIE Assumptions

Training Iraqi insurgents? Check.Providing military hardware? Check.Giving cover to Shi’ite extremists when folks come a’knockin’ at their door? Yup.Nuke-u-lar bomb makers? Sez who?The National Intelligence Estimate, released yesterday, provided fodder for almost every point of view in the Iran discussion. Almost all these compass points, however, are belaboring under self-imposed delusions.The President and his sycophants […]