International Herald Tribune as a Terrorist Puppet

Long title, catchy idea. Check out this post on Nasrallah and his brilliant ideas, religiously quoted in this parrot dropping trap. He should worry more about attacks from British-bred killer badgers or snakes.Copyright © 2005-2006 DaShlom. All Rights Reserved. Contact the author at dashlom (at) gmail dot com for reprinting and republishing or site linking […]

Puppet Journalism

When Nasrallah speaks, the world listens, even if he speaks idiocy. “I believe Israel could have been behind [the two incidents in which Spanish and Columbian UN troops were killed].” No doubt that’s why his group is escorting UNIFIL soldiers so they’re not hit by Al-Queda IEDs.There’s no thought to reality testing his claims, or […]


In the American business world time is money. In Iraq, time is blood. In Israel, time is, among other things, honor.The sand is running out of the upper chamber, honor-wise. Unlike the primitive, craven tribal activities of Middle Eastern tribes’ idea of honor (which usually involves women being killed by stupid men), I’m speaking of […]