I’m watching Liz Taylor’s discussion with Larry King Live, hearing all the horrible things said about Elizabeth Taylor, and being bombarded by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s new baby.It’s amazing, with the millions being killed in Congo, the many hundreds of thousands in Darfur, AIDS, hunger, poverty and reality, that a sleazy photographer can make […]

Sneak Appearance

I’ve been appearing recently in a column by a rather engaging reporter named James Rogers. It’s nice to have one’s opinions solicited. It’s not as if I’ve been lacking in that respect. I suggest checking out his blog; he’s got a lot of crisp things to say.

Leonardo Would be Having a Good Laugh

The furor over the movie version of the Da Vinci Code is pretty funny. Calling a book of fiction heresy strikes even religious Catholic friends of mine as funny.”Oh, yeah, we keep our albino monks under SPF 200, but for a good contribution into the plate I can let you talk with one,” one friend […]