The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty is Dead

With the signing of the deal with India, North Korea, Iran and even Israel can breathe a sigh of relief. No longer can the United States declare that it has been even-handed in how it treats ‘rogue’ nuclear nations. Even the concept of a ‘rogue’ nation is no longer valid. India and Pakistan can now figure out how to stockpile for their next testosterone-fueled war of brinksmanship. Israel (whose possible possession of nuclear weapons I personally support) can stand proud in its theoretical ownership of these weapons — and several different and very accurate delivery systems.

The United States had had the ability to force Iran and North Korea to the table: the NNPT is, after all, something to which almost all countries are signatories. Now that chance is lost, and those two fascist regimes can stand beside Israel as rebels with a cause. After all, if India could cut a separate deal, why can’t they? And in the meantime, just like India, why should they not continue to create the tools for world blackmail?

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  1. June 27, 2008 at 3:37 pm

    The US should lead by example. We should be the ones cutting back and ratifying treaties. Right now only a few group are lobbying Washington interests on these issues. If we want to curb rogue nations from seeking to proliferate nuclear weapons we need to turn the corner and take the first step.

    The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation is circulating an Appeal to the Next US President, calling for US leadership for a nuclear weapons-free world.

    You can read it and sign online at

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