“Last Run” Progress Report

After a lot of editing and wiping of cruft the novel stands at about 104k, and still has the main drama in front of it. I’m an unrepentant pantser, which means story outlines aren’t part of my usual practice. What that means, and I’m learning the cons of, is that I’m essentially writing in ‘first gear.’ Like certain […]

Words, badly used

A quote from the Jerusalem Post: “The warning comes after multiple mortar rounds, emanating from Syria, landed in Israeli territory near the border.” I lobbed the smell of roast chicken out the oven door.

On Language, Lies, and Reality

The British voters supported the referendum proposal to leave the EU. Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty (which describes the exit process, as as 261 words can) requires that the constitutionally represented leadership call for the cancellation of the treaty. Oops. Britain does not have a constitution. Does Cameron press the button? His party leadership? The Queen? In […]

Fake Magic Words to Keep Programming Cool & Mysterious

In preparation for a set of developer interviews I’ve been boning up on the “basics:” testing, objects, algorithms, etc. I approached testing with trepidation, as I (a) know what needs to go into it, and (b) know EXACTLY how little those needs are met in small development environments. And by small, I mean less than […]

Scotland the Brave

Full Disclosure: I think an independent Scotland would be WAY cool. Sane disclosure: I think an independent Scotland is a _great_ idea. Except for the whole “we’ve been together for centuries and splitting things would be horrible.” As a very liberal Israeli, I’m very much appreciative of the Labor and leftist parties. Didn’t work. A Scottish […]

“The Press,” mass media and bloggers

One of the keystones when I read the New York Times in its staining, non-soy-ink edition, at the tail end of it’s black-and-white “Grey Lady” era was the language. Reporters wrote, editors edited and their bosses vetted articles for publication. “All the News That’s Fit to Print™.” And what was fit to print, in part, was […]

Companies, the new Golem

In Citizen’s United, the Supreme Court awarded citizenship to corporations. Now, the same majority on the Court ruled that family-held companies, whatever the size, can have a religion. The golem of the corporation as a person arises, one step at a time, from the nightmares of dystopic fiction into the Koch-fed reality of our purchased […]

On “Truth” in the Triumvirate of the “American Way”

Dr. Tyson’s latest edition of Cosmos focused on leaded gasoline and a scientist’s unanticipated fight to stop it’s use as a side-effect of his work on cosmology. It’s a quaint, simplistic and, with the animation, almost naive approach to the story (although I’ve never seen an animated short quoting articles from Nature). While the primary important issue was […]

Synesthesia Meets Astronomy

Good News Everyone! Astronomers smelling planets! I wonder what the earth smells like? Is it like one’s own flatulence, tolerated by self and abhorred by others? Is that why aliens keep coming to our planet and then dashing off at top speed?

Sassy, Bossy, Sluts & Bitches

The culture “war” (to besmirch Rupert’s pet yellow rag) continues. This time it’s “Ban Bossy,” an alliterative sound bite. Proponents of putting “bossy” in the same isolation ward as “retarded” say it’s because the word is fundamentally pejorative and used in conjunction with girls. Unlike the “R” word (thanks, Tali, for being early in the […]