A Progress Tool

Recently I posted a graphic showing words per day. (I’ve used it before: you can see posts here and here.) It’s part of my musings about writing velocity and general “feeling like an author.” I’ll tee up a few posts on that in the future, but for now I wanted to provide a Google Sheets document, called Writing Progress, that anyone can copy, then modify as they see fit. Once you’ve got it you can try exporting it (see pix at end of post.) The excel version needed tweaking, especially on the timeline sheet, with might not be worth fixing vs. recreating, provided you have basic pivot table skills.

The goal for the sheet is twofold. First, to share something folks have asked about, because that’s what authors do.

Second, it does that thing that I eventually paid Aeon Timeline $ome $illy $um of $50 to have and then to puzzle with. It integrates with Scrivener, which I (very reluctantly, see here, here, and here) use, but has been too much trouble to set up and keep linked. And if you don’t use it, then there’s not much reason to buy the product, so far as I can see. Unless you’ve got a different definition of time periods (e.g., non-real dates).

So head out to the Writing Progress sheet and see it for yourself. (No login required to check it out, but I’m guessing you need Google Drive to copy it.)

Screen Shots of Writing Progress Sheets

Novel Progress page

Timeline Entry Page

Screen shot of Excel Export

Progress page as an excel export