Words, Books, Memory

As a Jewish atheist I enjoy the rituals of my people. While I don’t enjoy laying t’fillin (putting on phylacteries)—although I remember how—I’ve always had a visceral sense memory when seeing or touching the prayer book my dad used. I have the second one he had in my lifetime. The first, a Shiloh edition daily prayer book, […]


I have a character in the short story ShutEye who gives her life for a love she knows she can never have, because it’s the right thing for the greater good. There’s a character in Best Shot (being shopped) who will do anything to get the right photo. These characters are trivial, flickering shadows in comparison […]

When Story Meets Truth

I have a short story, Best Shot, which I’m currently shopping for publication. It started as a snippet: I photographer killed while reporting from a combat area. But the incident with the Iraqi videographer this week was very spookily like the story. At least, in real life, no harm was done.