Month: March 2016

Yearly Writing Prompt

Seeing Google congratulate me on my (purported) birthday gave me quite the startle. Not that I have a birthday: that I forgot that Google Knows All (even if the date it chose wasn’t quite right due to my obfuscation). However, it brings…


Small steps on the web site. QOTD has been a feature of Linux since the beginning, as it was for the Internet since… well, since a long while back. There are many “here’s a quote on topic “blah,” but I’ve found Quote of the Day — — has a great selection. That’s great, but what about content from your own site? I’ll have a new plugin, ‘content-tapas’ available later this week, but it’s been crunching on my web site for a few months already. More on it when it goes live. I have several changes to my web site that I want to repackage as plugins. So stay tuned!

Trainventure: Yet More Character Sketches

These were taken on the train ride from Chicago to Seattle. Amish Lots of Amish women and children wandering up and down the train on the way to Seattle. Didn’t see any going up to Chicago. Saw a few couples…

Trainventure: More Character Sketches

These sketches were from the Amtrak boarding lounge in Chicago. Therapy Lady and… Dad? Woman in her forties wearing a hijab sitting next to an older man in a vest and sports coat with a distinguished goatee. He’s operating a large…