Companies, the new Golem

In Citizen’s United, the Supreme Court awarded citizenship to corporations. Now, the same majority on the Court ruled that family-held companies, whatever the size, can have a religion. The golem of the corporation as a person arises, one step at a time, from the nightmares of dystopic fiction into the Koch-fed reality of our purchased […]

On “Truth” in the Triumvirate of the “American Way”

Dr. Tyson’s latest edition of Cosmos focused on leaded gasoline and a scientist’s unanticipated fight to stop it’s use as a side-effect of his work on cosmology. It’s a quaint, simplistic and, with the animation, almost naive approach to the story (although I’ve never seen an animated short quoting articles from Nature). While the primary important issue was […]

Synesthesia Meets Astronomy

Good News Everyone! Astronomers smelling planets! I wonder what the earth smells like? Is it like one’s own flatulence, tolerated by self and abhorred by others? Is that why aliens keep coming to our planet and then dashing off at top speed?

ArmadilloCon & Fast Drafting

  ArmadilloCon is one of those events I kept promising myself to attend, but for which I never chose to make time. I thought I had an out this year: I didn’t have any 5k word writing samples, which is the limit for the the workshop component of the Con. Whew! Then I rifled through my stories. Ah, […]

Sassy, Bossy, Sluts & Bitches

The culture “war” (to besmirch Rupert’s pet yellow rag) continues. This time it’s “Ban Bossy,” an alliterative sound bite. Proponents of putting “bossy” in the same isolation ward as “retarded” say it’s because the word is fundamentally pejorative and used in conjunction with girls. Unlike the “R” word (thanks, Tali, for being early in the […]

Deserters, Traitors and Captives

The US wrangled the release of Bowe Bergdahl, a US Army soldier. Handily it also got rid of five Taliban folks who’ve been out of circulation for 13 years, and had nothing to do with the Afghan war. (I’m not saying they’re not bloody murderers, its just that we haven’t been able to convict them, deport […]