Kill the Owls, Don’t Kill the Owls… or Apply “Limited Experimental Removal”

Which means: kill them. It’s amazing how many words and phrases in English translate to kill. We euthanize animals, or ‘put them to sleep.’ Mobsters ‘rub out,’ ‘hit,’ ‘take out’ and ‘take care of’ “problems.” We starve the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, the EPA, the BLM and private organizations of funding through congressional stupidity […]

Using a Language as an Evil Shade

An article’s title in the NYT’s Science section proclaims: “[the] Debut of Atlas May Foreshadow Age of ‘Robo Sapiens’.” It’s one thing for the head of a company trying to create truck-loading robots to say  that “…A new species, Robo sapiens, are emerging.” He’s not supposed to be a biologist (and any decent one would regurgitate […]