Incidental Writing

I’ve got a neighbor with a first-person-shooter problem. Well, it’s my problem, but his sub-woofers. I circulated this document to the folks in my building. So far, quiet. Maybe it’s because tomorrow’s Monday… We’ll see. Still, it’s the kind of letter I’d like to receive if I were the guilty party. A bit funny, very […]


I do more than write, but don’t have my other site up and ready to sell ceramic artwork. Note to self: create the marketing and sales collateral before telling people about your wares.

Fractal Lists of Things to Do

I’m drowning under the increasing lists of things to do. To-do items are fractal: each produces subordinate or successor objects, each demanding its time slot, its focus, its ramp-up and ramp-down resources and time. Apparently it’s good for the writing soul, since I’ve started writing poetry after more than an eight-month hiatus. (Okay, there’s no […]