Shlomi Down

Took some time off Friday to have strangers plumb my innards. Bottom line: I’ve got nice innards. (I could have told ’em that.) I also decided to heed my body: even after an only 15 minute procedure early Friday morning, my body is still clamoring for attention. Slept more since then than I did the […]

Facebook Down

As of this writing Facebook is unreachable from my computer. Everything else (including this, obviously) is present and accounted for. It must take a lot to clobber Facebook, even in a limited geographic area. I depend on it to connect with other authors and poets — it’s a weird, early bump in my normal routine. […]

I Really Know How to Make Life Difficult

In reading a bunch of space opera and humor/horror books lately (yes, it’s procrastination under guise of research), I’m realizing how difficult I make my writing life. My characters aren’t in a soap opera, they’re doing an ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ reshoot. In Induction, my main character goes through: El Paso Parts of […]

On Writing

Listening to NPR, where Jonathan Gotchall reviews lists three of his top books. On Writing, by Stephen King is at the top of his list. I’ve bought and given away three copies so far. It’s a brilliant book: it helped me understand that the craft of writing overlays the art of writing. But one needs both to […]

Consent: New Short Story Out!

This story has been stewing in the back, the standard 95.43% ready but not quite there. Now it is, complete with correct formatting as an e-book, a pretty cover and all that jazz. Consent is about Jesse Munoz, a Medecins Sans Frontieres veteran who’s been through too much. Back in Texas, she works with long-term […]

To Mentor, Perchance to Learn

A friend of mine who worked with me at a past job was looking to upgrade his skills. He was thinking a rather expensive, intensive, immersion experience. Given where he was in life I suggested that I work with him, to challenge him, keep him honest and on track as he learned some new and remunerative skills. […]