Review: Triumph Cafe

Tweeview: Triumph has no-MSG, authentic phở with all the fixings in a family atmosphere. Way fast service, great prices. Discount program rocks!You can catch vibe in a lot of places. I get a creative vibe while driving south under the 45th street bridge on MoPac (two patents, a novel, three short stories, a bunch of […]

Mongolian Steak Shards

Backstory Reverse engineered from the Mongolian restaurants, I’ve got this on tap for tomorrow as each kid has their own form of food insanity. Okay, here’s a joke: a carnivore, a vegetarian and a picky eater go into a restaurant. “We’d like to share an entree,” they say. So this is for the meat-eater. I’ll […]

5.5:1 Quinoa Onion Bread

Backstory I’ve been do a LOT of cooking lately. By a lot I mean that I’ve tried to only make food from ingredients, and not buy ingredients. That’s been hard, but until I got my new steadily-paying gig, it’s been tough not to do that. Bread and various riffs on it attract me: they’re easy […]