Palin’s America: A Nation of Small People

There are different forms of evil. My post earlier today, in the form of official misinformation, was one. The picture to your left is another, more primitive one.Sarah Palin talks the “pro-America parts of the country.” Her America (although her quote sources say a lot about her pedigree) is far different from mine. The problem […]

More Anecdotes from the Texas Main Street

I had the opportunity to talk with three folks representing what I think are interesting data points regarding the economic situation and its effects over the last three weeks. Again, comments are paraphrases, not quotes:From a car repair place: Business is about the same… but folks are being more careful about what they’re repairing. And […]

Anecdotal Observations from Main Street

I’ve been collecting comments from people running or managing retail businesses, to see what changes consumers have been made.From a gas station manager: People are pumping differently. They’re not filling up, but I see them around more often. They’re topping off, like on their way home and stuff.From a hair stylist: Business is down. Not […]