Shifting to as Serious a Topic

The hanging of an effigy of Barack Obama at a Christian university brings into sharp focus one of the odder issues in this election. Obama is a self-confessed Christian, no less one than McCain.Both are struggling with their actions as opposed to their alligences. Obama, with anti-abortion and other ‘leftist’ stances (even silly, made up […]

The Money Shot

A quick post: expect follow-ups on this. I’ve been watching the (selective) bailouts by the government, with my money, to “save” investment companies that have knowingly thrown themselves over the cliff. They’ve created the same derivative monster that shook the market back in 2001-2002, only this time with real dollars at risk. Taxpayer dollars. Now […]

Who’s Next?

Iran continues to build its nuclear capacity, while North Korea has apparently returned to its evil machinations and is putting back together what little it agreed to dismantle.This is the poisoned fruit of the Bush administration’s tree. Remember phrase “punish the innocent and reward the guilty?” Sure, Saddam’s government was guilty of many things. But […]

The Palin Paradox

The conundrum of Bristol Palin’s pregnancy is a great snapshot of modern American views on sex education:”Good girls” do. (Are there “bad girls?”)Lust trumps sex edParents, even governors, can’t stop kids from having sexAnd, of course, pregnancy is a rational consequence of sex!I’m pleased that Bristol’s parents are behind her. And that the father has […]