Discrimination and the, um, Differently Abled

Apparently Gallaudet’s incoming president wasn’t “deaf enough” to lead this once-prestigious school for the differently-hearing.We complain about leadership: good, bad and indifferent. Leaders must be passionate about the cause, but not necessarily of the cause. Sure, it would be great to find a homeless refugee to run the Red Cross; they’d have the real life […]

The Case for Partition

As conditions in Iraq worsten, and “stay the course” suddenly never meant what it said (how can four words, four syllables, mean something other than that?), it’s time to look at real ways out. As someone who has spent considerable time dealing with the clash of cultures, I’m going to do a Jonathan Swift and […]

Writing Tools… So close: Ooh, Missed!

I’m always looking out for a good tool to help in writing or mapping ideas. MindJet’s MindManager is brilliant, if expensive for individuals, and not available on-line. PBWiki makes great tools for sharing ideas on-line. Google is helping me move a lot of my writing to the web by letting me move documents onto a […]

Waiting for Shoes to Drop

Indictments pending on the President… and shuddering at seeing him greeting happy children and families in the Presidential Sukkah. At least he had the decency not to show up for the opening of the Knesset. This is a boil that must be lanced quickly, lest it spread the stench of corruption even further than already […]

Educators and Idiots

Education is a complex business. It’s complex because, to run a school district, a superintendent (CEO) or school board member (corporate board member) must know how to manage people, budgets, priorities, politics, bureaucracies and a community often at odds with itself in terms of needs, desires and purpose.So it’s fun to hear about people interested […]

On a Civil Society

A president, former chief of staff and multiple ministers all under various stages of investigation. Allegations of misuse of power from the banally sexual to the incompetent. What separates Israel, with its multitude of problems and absurd social and economic issues from the United States is that all these horrible, awful, disgusting and bizarre things […]

So Many Crises, So Little Brain Power

It’s been a while. Wars in the Middle East. Political idiocy and upheaval in the States. A regime change for Thailand, one coming up for Cuba and England. North Korea either blew up a lot of dynamite or has joined the atomic club, which is not a good thing for Planet Earth.But these are all […]